Condemnable New Zealand Brutal Attack On Mosques Reminds Western World STOP Blaming Muslims As Terrorists

After the 9/11, the Western world especially, United States, India and Israel have been MouthFull towards Pakistan, censuring it for harbouring terrorists and Muslims carrying out terrorist activities around the world.

The Friday nightmare swallowed 49 innocent Muslims through the hands of an Australian born citizen who indiscriminately sprayed bullets by his licenced gun in two mosques in Christchurch, Muslims congregated for Friday Namaaz.

What would they say now after the Friday Chrischurch massacre where Muslims were miserable victims?

The Christchurch tragedy was planned and intentional Muslim slaughter. It demonstrates how some individuals and groups are built in hatred against Muslims in the Western world and wouldn’t spare a moment to kill Muslims.

So the bull***t of so called Weatern dogma that Islam is not a religion of peace and preaches torture is an empty slogan and elephant tusk of the West to malign Muslim and Islam.

Furthermore, than people like Fraser Anning, Australian Senator gets up to support the Muslim killing.

Besides, there have been plenty and frequent killings in the United States over last several years. It doesn’t matter what we’re, what is the motive, the ultimate outcome is innocent butchery.

Let people from all communities, religion and race come join together regardless of area and geography all over the world against the MANIACS who are born human beings but behave worse than beasts.

May peace and harmony prevail..Amen



ex Chairman Edu Board, Reg Dir Sindh Ombudsman, Bank Exec; B.A(Hons) M.A English, M.A Int Rel, LL.B, 3 acreds from Canada

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