Brig (R) ISI Asad Munir’s Suicide & Inquiry Under Chairman NAB

Brig (R) ISI Asad Munir’s Suicide & Inquiry Under Chairman NAB

By Shafiq Ahmed Khan

There are many countries around the globe where Chief of the Armed Forces isn’t 3-4 Star General but Brigadier or Brigadier General.

The point I am trying to make here is, Brig (R) Asad Munir ISI was not an ordinary citizen. He retired from world’s one of a very few most prestigious armies of of that he was a TopNotch writer, commentator, intellectual and social activist.

Asad Munir’s suicide is not a death or passing away of an ordinary man. 1-10 he could be numbered 9.

The state, Army, Courts and Civil Society MUST pay attention to his miserable, desperate and frightening death coupled with circumstances which dumped the general in the ditches of frustration commiting self killing..

Many years back I read an expression..

“that the human aspect cannot be IGNORED in any law on the earth”.

(forget NAB)

The most important document is his hand written note to the Chief Justice of Pakistan which warrants that deceased killed himself in fear of insult and intense dismay. His utter frustration which resulted killing himself clearly demonstrates that Mr. Munir had abandoned all hopes and course of JUSTICE in NAB..what a pity!

While taking his life, Asad Munir didn’t leave an ambiguous note on a small piece of paper, instead a very clear, open and eleborative 2 page letter DIRECTLY censuring NAB for the cause of his death.

Well, here comes the drop scene when NAB Chairman announces that he would personally conduct the inquiry of Asad Munir’s death..which is NOT fulfilling the justice..

it is like assigning wolf (I am sorry) to guard the chickens.

O way, absolutely not.

NAB itself is the party and cause of death of Asad Munir is clearly written on the palm of NAB so how come NAB Chairman could be the judge???

The Chief Justice of Pakistan should either form a commission or a 2/3 judges bench to conduct the inquiry so the IMPARTIALITY and JUSTICE could be beholden.

Less than that would only be waste of time and throwing dust in the eyes of 220 million people of Pakistan.

In last 2 years, it has been broadly established and proven world over that NAB is an institution formed by a military dictator to crush his opponents and manipulate political rivals. No laws in the civilized world has clauses like NAB does..

In justice، “INTENTION” is the foremost preface to probe and prosecute any accused, while the “intention” behind the formation of the NAB instution was not to do justice to the people in the Pakistani society but to revenge, avenge and retaliate whom Dictator Pervez Musharraf didn’t his opponents and to consolidate his grip on the helm of power.

If alcohol is harram how come it could be halal if drunk in after the recitation of بسم اللہ الرحمان الرحیم۔

When humans fail, mother nature takes its course.


ex Chairman Edu Board, Reg Dir Sindh Ombudsman, Bank Exec; B.A(Hons) M.A English, M.A Int Rel, LL.B, 3 acreds from Canada

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