Twitter Authorities Please Pay Attention

Twitter Authorities Please Pay Attention

My twitter account ID SHAFIQ KHAN FreeLance🇨🇦
is in my use since 2012 and has over 46000 Tweet Posts on it.

I have a following of about 850 and consequently, I follow to 400 people around the world.

First time in last 8 years, on May 27, 2020, I suddenly found my above account has disappeared.

Upon seeking help from “Twitter Help”, I blocked my account @canpaksindh because of the fact if the account is hacked.

After 3 hours, on the advisory of Twitter Help, I signed in again and changed my password and thus discovered my account as usual.

Yesterday (May 28, 2020) my same accound was locked again and a CAUTION appeared on my Twitter handle that
“Temporily Restricted due to unusual activity”.

In the meantime, I LOCKED and UNLOCKED the same account several times but did not work.

Right now today i.e May 29, 2020, my account is still restricted even after 24 hours.

I am an a bit aggressive, straightforward, inexpedient, honest in my WRITINGS/POSTS regarding Pakistani establishment, intel agencies, government functionaries esp Sindh Government.

Besides, I write openly regarding Indian human rights violations over Kashmir, international politics etcetera etcetera.

I have a feeling, that if my account is not hacked but still some government functionary (ies) in Pakistan is playing foul with my account @canpaksindh.

Since TWITTER in a worldwide TOP media forum so they must have the ability to protect their customers and governments’ bad apples be pushed back not to mess, play mischievous with Twitter account holders who are blunt and straightforward.

I do have a second juxtaposed Twitter account though but I don’t want to loose my account in question.

P.S: At least I must be aware of what “unusual activity”  was noticed, so I may be alert in future.

Please help me out to recover my account.


ID: SHAFIQ KHAN FreeLance 🇨🇦

May 29, 2020


ex Chairman Edu Board, Reg Dir Sindh Ombudsman, Bank Exec; B.A(Hons) M.A English, M.A Int Rel, LL.B, 3 acreds from Canada

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