Truth behind 130 Million fine imposed by National Accountabilty Bureau (NAB)

Truth behind 130 Million fine imposed by National Accountabilty Bureau (NAB)

Even a fraction of Rs 130 million fine imposed on me in the February 13 decision of the NAB Court Hyderabad (Ref No: 25/16) is totally bogus, manipulated, malafide and biased.

The amount of 130 Million fined is infact, are the 3 years’ salaries of 113 employees of my tenure (2011-2014) who are still working ever since I resigned from the post in May 2014.

NOTE: 55 Employees are working since 2005 till todate and 6 Chairmen have been Incharge of BISE Mirpurkhas.

Inquiry report of Shafiq Mahesar Commissioner Mirpur Khas
(In which, the applicant, 14 Board of Governor Members have MOT been witness and IO NAB deliberately got them at loose.

I am not a beneficiary of a single Rupee of 130 Million but the 113 employees (all are from grade 1 to 14 mostly Chawkeedars, Malis, Sweepers, Guards, Peons, Computer Operators and Junior Clerks..

My Learned Counsel defused, diluted every aspect of charges during 4 years 6 Months trial (I have original certified copies of each cross/proceeding of the entire period.

From 2014 to 2021, 3 chairmen were posted and continued all those 113 employees. If they were ILLEGAL, Why are they working till todate and wjo will pay Millions of Rupees in salaries, benefits from my resignation till todate?

My counsel knocked down all eight witnesses.

Sadly, in my entire life of 72 years, I have only worked for any government organization just fir 3 years.

Rest of my jobs are as Rehional Director of Sindh Ombudsmen, 25 years in a private bank andc10 years in Cabada.

I am a Canadian citizen for 26 years.

My wife has been Rehoonal Durector, Rehional Managrr, Director of Colleges of Karachibregion for 7 years as Lecturer and Associate Professor in Chemistry.

She retired in Grade-19.

The case against me was filed in the NAB by the brother-in-law of Pir Mazhar’s wife who was an 18th grade officer in Mirpur Khas Board.

During my tenure, he was promoted from 17th grade to 18th and it is interesting to note that among these 113 employees Pir Mazhar’s wife has 6 close relatives, niece and nephew.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan and the NAB Chairman should conduct an inquiry against this illegal, biased, engineered, malafide and manipilated reference by IO Mr. Sarwqr Amed Khan.

I am totally innocent and deny all levelled charges by NAB IO in the reference 25/16.



FEB 15, 2021.


ex Chairman Edu Board, Reg Dir Sindh Ombudsman, Bank Exec; B.A(Hons) M.A English, M.A Int Rel, LL.B, 3 acreds from Canada

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