Civil Military Leadership In Pakistan Need To Break The CIRCLE جنرلز کو چاھئیے فوری طور پر مارشل لاء لگائیں

Civil Military Leadership In Pakistan Need To Break The CIRCLE

Parents expect their children to learn by the mistakes they make and should not repeat in future

Unfortunately, in last 74 years, Pakistan has seen thousands of civil Military leaders but no one ever learned a lesson by their mistakes and greed of power overpowered them over nationalism. In process, Pakistan is continuously descending and has become a drag today.

Individuals continue to grow from pauper to a millionaire and billionaire at the cost of Pakistan’s debevelopment and peoples’ prosperity in every sector of civil society.

Some 50 years back, I heard, Pakistan has reservoirs of hundreds of years of petrolium, oil and gas, coal, gold, stone and diamonds but in my life I am watching load shedding for 18/20 hours, gas supply at home breaks down everyday and mothers cannot even cook breakfast for her school going child. The way petrol was discovered in the province of Sindh looked like soon the country would be getting foreign exchange in billions by exporting its oil to foreign countries.

Pakistan’s Civil and Military Leadership are trapped in a CIRCLE which has no doors or windows. Either they don’t have mind or lack courage to break the CIRCLE to get themselves out.

From August 1947 to August 1973, means for 26 years, Pakistan didn’t have this sacred book called 1973 Constitution and the country was far better than today; crippled, deaf and mute democracy. Was Pakistan not alive and thriving in all those years ? Didn’t people eat bread and children didn’t go to schools and colleges?

Field Marshall Muhammad Ayub Khan’s 9 years were glorious time of Pakistan’s 74 years life. I mean, present Constitution has only made leaders, politicians and Generals dirty rich and people of Pakistan went poor to pauper.

Can anyone give me one reason what this book of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto written by Mr. Raza Rabbni gave one good thing that could be for the progress and prosperity of the people of Pakistan?

If some idiot gets up tells me that the 1973 Constitution gave the country 4 provinces and people living there are independent and thriving.

O please give me a break! Are not poor Sindhis crying for food and medicines and live like slaves of Waderas. Has not Asif Zardari tuned the richest man of Pakistan by loot and plunder.Every member of Assemblies, Senators, Ministers, Peoples Party office bearers, worker is not multi millionaire today. Have urban Urdu speaking Mohajirs not been discriminated, deprived of jobs, education, health and business under Quota System and other excessive of Sindh Government.

Is every Punjabi, Balochi and Pathan is happy in Punjab, Balochistan and KPK

This 1973 Constitution was “by the Peoples Party, of the Peoples Party, for the Peoples Party” period

I suggest, this 1973 constitution should be tossed in the ocean and with the consensus of politicians, superior courts a new Presidential form of government should be brought into being. If no one agrees, the Army Chief should abrogate the Constitution and declare Martial Law for indefinite period and if some one interrupts, ” take no prisoners”

This is how you break the CIRCLE

Present 1973 Constitution is not a divine revelation or a book of God.

I predict, you will do this after 5/10/15 years so sooner is better.


July 15, 2021


ex Chairman Edu Board, Reg Dir Sindh Ombudsman, Bank Exec; B.A(Hons) M.A English, M.A Int Rel, LL.B, 3 acreds from Canada

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