Pakistani politics has turned into animosity

Pakistani politics has turned into animosity:

It is certain that Nawaz Sharif, Asif Zardari, Gen Asim Munir and their 14 corps commanders and other generals will not remain in power and in their positions until the day of resurrection.

The seeds of enmity and revenge that you have sown will continue to sink into the earth until the Day of Judgment.
Haven’t you heard the famous saying,

“Dig your own grave before you set out to kill your enemy”.

You have trampled the constitution, rule of law, democracy, justice, moral and human values, the dignity and sanctity of women, elders, and children. There is no example anywhere in the civilized world what is happening in Pakistan for last few months. So do you think the incomer will forgive you or your generations whenever he comes?

Don’t you have a small example of 17-year-old Shayan Ali in London, who made the life of 3-time Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, a billionaire miserable?

Please keep in mind that there are Ten million Pakistanis living abroad and not all of them are laborers living in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. Shayan Ali enjoys the same rights that Nawaz Sharif’s children have.

LAST WORD: If not for 240 million Pakistanis or 10 million overseas Pakistanis but for the integrity and sovereignty of Pakistan.

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