American People Need To Revisit U.S Global Policies

American People Need To Revisit U.S Global Policies

While the U.S global behaviour is of bully and show of power, on the same time, undubiously, the United States of America is a great country and is the only country on earth which has an open heart for people coming through its doors; a country of opportunities.

A general perception persists around the world that the U.S President Mr. Donald Trump is a punk, clown or stupid. But I immensely admire his sagacity, intelligence, political statesmanship especially nationalism.

Mr. Trump is one of the fewer Presidents in the Whitehouse who has tried in a short span of time to steer U.S economy, developments in all sectors, job market, immigration and bringing back American Companies to America.

I wouldn’t blame Mr. Trump only but the policy makers of the United States that the American nation should seriously revisit their governments’ politicies in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
A large number of world population except Europe and Americas is dying because of food, clean water, malnutrition, lack of medical facilities and basic needs of living.

Simulteneouly, Millions of children are out of school. Unemployment, political instability, corruption, sexual abuse and other social and cultural downfalls, a large number of countries are in stygian on the planet.Top of that, American policies around the world of interventions, political destablisation and putting two neighbouring countries faceoff for a bull fight are terribly inhuman for the people who don’t even have food to eat and medicines to treat diseses.

A greater percentage of world sufferings of bomb blasts, suicidal attacks, shootings and military engagements are for those who have already half dead.
In the light of above distress, hunger and bloodshed, the American people with 99 percent literacy need to stress upon their legislagures through their various forums to convince and force American leadership to follow a reconcialiatory, peaceful coexistence and harmonious policies in the poor, less developed and underdeveloping countries around the globe.

If world is peaceful and stable, America alongwith other countries could prosper and flourish more than as on today.
Unfortunately, America has a history of 250 years of confrontation and military engagements around the globe.

Let us have some big numbers:

1775 to 2018
325 wars & military interventions
1950 to 1999
132 wars & military interventions
2000 to 2018
39 wars